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Oak Barrel Frames

Frame Craftsmanship

Oak origin


  • Bouchonette uses the same 200-year old oak wood used by coopers to make wine barrels.
  • Coopers use carefully selected wood staves from mature trees from the best French terroir.
  • This wood, characterized by its extra tight grain, is then split by an expert craftsman to start the construction of each wine barrel.
  • Our frames come in two sizes, 9" x 11" and 12" x 19" to showcase a single piece or a collection of pieces.
  • Bouchonette offers two types of oak stave frames: Natural Oak Fascade and Toasted Oak Fascade.  Both types of frames have a solid oak base.
  • The Toasted Oak wood comes directly from local Napa Valley wineries after being used in their winemaking process to enhance the aromatic profile of their wines.  These staves have a darker appearance than our natural oak fascade after spending few minutes being fired toasted.  The toasting regime may reveal some imperfections in the wood.  
  • Bouchonette gathers and assembles these parts to design a unique, one-of-a-kind artistic display hand crafted in the Napa Valley.

Oak Frame Features


  • Bouchonette frames can be featured as antiques or as a work of art.
  • This unique display represents the perfect gift for any wine lover.  
  • Bouchonette guarantees that each frame has a truly unique design. 
  • Using a specially made branding iron, each frame has an exclusive number within our stamped logo.  
  • Display your frame on a flat surface or attached to the wall. 
  • A strong mounting bracket is already centered and secured to the back of each frame.



  • Each frame has a individual information card on the back outlining the history of each piece. 
  • A careful historical investigation is done for each corkscrew or wine object showcased in our collection.
  • Specialized publications help us to be accurate down to the century, the maker or even the patent number.

Antique Wine Articles

Cooper Tools


We offers many types of antique tools used by coopers during the barrel making process.

Corking Instruments


We have several styles and types of instruments used in cellars to insert a cork into a bottle. Some of them use material like brass, wood, and iron.

Barrel Racking Tools


Brass or wood valves, still used by elite wineries in Bordeaux and Napa, are inserted in the front of the barrel to draw clear wine during the ageing and maturation process.

Bottle Care Tools


We have an assortment of objects designed to care for the wine when a bottle is being poured such as silver plated funnels, bottle carriers, Champagne taps, etc.

Corkscrew Collections


We have an extensive collection of corkscrews from different centuries, countries, and material fabrication.

Help & Questions


Contact us, send us pictures if you need help figuring out where your antique wine objects come from. We might be able to help you out with our knowledge and research capabilities. 

Site Content

Come see our creations at Davies Winery in Saint Helena, California.

Monique Davies, owner of Davies Winery, has chosen to decorate her beautiful new facility with our framed pieces. The winery, located in the heart of the Napa Valley, was largely built with repurposed materials and fits perfectly with the theme of our creations.

Bouchonette Testimonials

"Dominique has a great eye for fine antique wine objects. Alex shares this ability and adds a twenty year career as a winemaker to share this passion"  
Al Dobbs, Calistoga Country Antiques.

" Bouchonette is bringing a fresh perspective with their art displays hand made in our beautiful Napa Valley".
Monique Davies, Davies Winery.

About Us



Bouchonette is a family owned collaboration between Napa Valley Winemaker, Alex Réblé and his father, Dominique, a retired antiques dealer from Bordeaux, France.  For over thirty years, Dominique has collected pieces from local chateaux, auction houses and antique dealers.  Alex, in addition to his over twenty years of wine making experience, has hand selected each piece to display artistically.  Each frame design is one of a kind, numbered, and hand crafted in the Napa Valley.

Family Owned and Operated


Alex and his wife, Catherine, have lived in the Napa Valley for over twenty years with their two daughters.  Dominique's knowledge of antiques, Alex's wine knowledge and artistic eye, and Catherine's marketing skills are the heart of Bouchonette.

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